Hosted Disk

With a Hosted Disk solution, you get access to a network drive that works just like a network drive on a local server. The chief difference is that the drive is located in our data centre. This saves you the cost of hardware, power and maintenance, and also ensures that you have easy and fast access to updated files and documents wherever an Internet connection is available. The result is increased flexibility for the individual employee.

There are also considerable safety benefits to choosing a Hosted Disk Solution: Your data is always sent encrypted both ways and we perform backups daily, so you no longer have to bring backup tapes to the bank.

Here are the chief benefits of a Hosted Disk solution:

  • all data is transferred securely with encryption
  • you are protected against theft, fire , water damage and vandalism
  • easy to set up as a network drive
  • automated daily backup
  • fixed monthly cost based on storage requirements
  • data is accessible wherever an Internet connection is available
  • share files quickly and easily
  • manage rights on folders and files
  • Client software included, no extra costs