Hosted Server

With a Hosted Server solution you get access to your data and CRM/ERP solutions in the cloud. We handle service and maintenance.

This means that as long as you have an Internet connection you can work as if you were connected to a local server. Moreover, you only pay for the services you actually need. If you require higher performance or more storage space, your hosted server solution can easily be scaled up.

A hosted server assures stable operation and a high level of data security. The server is located in a modern data centre that is monitored, has automated backup, dedicated cooling systems, emergency generators and other safety measures. Connected by a fibre network our servers provide fast access to your data.

A Hosted Server solution is a good choice if you want a fixed monthly cost with no additional costs for power and cooling. It is a solution that scales easily to meet your future needs.

A Hosted Server solution brings benefits such as:

  • fixed monthly billing
  • no power costs
  • stable operation with full redundancy
  • automated backup
  • connected to fibre network
  • runs the software you need
  • monitored data centre and connections
  • high reliability and data security
  • can be upgraded and scaled according to your needs
  • saves space.