Remote Backup

A Remote Backup solution means you don´t have to buy expensive tape drives and tapes. You don´t have to remember to change tapes every day and you don´t have to take back-up tapes to the bank every day. With your data stored at a remote location, it is secure from fire, theft and vandalism.                     

All backup data is encrypted on your computer with a unique encryption key, which is then sent via an SSL-encrypted connection. Thus, all data is doubly encrypted during transmission. No one can read the data without the correct encryption key.

Chief benefits of a Remote Backup solution include:

  • ability to back up an unlimited number of computers on the same client
  • secure backup solution via SSL connection
  • data compression
  • data encryption for maximum security
  • fully automated backups according to your needs and wishes
  • e-mail alerts if errors occur during the backup process
  • easy and secure 24 hour access to your data.