Enterprise Spamfilter

More than 80 % of all e-mails sent worldwide are spam, a burden on your mail server and on you when you have to spend time weeding out unwanted e-mails. As if this was not enough, spam often contains phishing links and viruses.

The most effective solution to the spam problem is a dedicated system that rapidly discards unwanted e-mails. If you choose a Spam Filter solution from Blueprint, your e-mails will be filtered through our spam filter before they reach your mail server. Because the spam filter eliminates unwanted messages, your mail server’s workload is typically reduced by 80% or more. This gives you more time to do real work instead of sorting out unwanted e-mails.

A Spam Filter solution from Blueprint brings benefits such as:

  • discards spam, virus and phishing mails
  • redundant hardware system from Barracuda Networks
  • effective protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks
  • spam database that is always up-to-date
  • daily overview of mails that have been moved to quarantine
  • user-friendly control of white- and blacklists.