Support and maintenance

Blueprint can handle the daily operation and maintenance of servers, PCs and networks in your company.

We carry out maintenance and provide support based on your needs and priorities. We may provide backend support for, or work in tandem with, your existing IT department, or we may be solely responsible for running and maintaining all your IT facilities.


Your network forms the backbone of your company’s IT infrastructure. Most if not all computers in the workplace are connected to this network, so it is essential that workstations, routers, switches and servers function optimally. We provide customized network solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Today most documents and workflows are digitised, and almost all tasks are performed on a computer. However, with digitisation come risks such as hacker attacks, viruses, spam and spyware. Blueprint can help mitigate these risks and ensure that your company´s data is safe.


A modern telephone system ensures that communication flows smoothly and efficiently, so customers do not call in vain and it is easy to get hold of the right person on the first call.

Web Design and Programming

Blueprint provides web solutions of all sizes, from one-person company websites to corporate CMS solutions. We have many years of experience in web development for a variety of industries and applications.

Cloud Solutions

With a Hosted Server solution you get access to your data and CRM/ERP solutions in the cloud. We handle service and maintenance.

We support all major Cloud platforms including Synology Cloud and Office 365.

If you choose Blueprint as your business partner, your company's IT is in safe hands.

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