Support and maintenance

Blueprint can handle the daily operation and maintenance of servers, PCs and networks in your company.

We carry out maintenance and provide support based on your needs and priorities. We may provide backend support for, or work in tandem with, your existing IT department, or we may be solely responsible for running and maintaining all your IT facilities.

We make sure your IT systems are always up to date and running optimally, so you will not have to worry about that aspect of your business.

Of course, we also provide user support on-site and via our user-friendly remote support system.


Your network forms the backbone of your company’s IT infrastructure. Most if not all computers in the workplace are connected to this network, so it is essential that workstations, routers, switches and servers function optimally. We provide customized network solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Additionally, we can provide solutions that allow your employees greater mobility and flexibility in performing their daily tasks. For instance, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection lets your employees access the company network from laptops on the go, at home or wherever an internet connection is available.


Today most documents and workflows are digitised, and almost all tasks are performed on a computer. However, with digitisation come risks such as hacker attacks, viruses, spam and spyware.

Blueprint can help mitigate these risks and ensure that your company´s data is safe.

The security solution we provide is based on an evaluation of your current IT system. We assess all aspects of your network such as antivirus software, firewall and backup as well as any existing solutions for safeguarding sensitive information and documents.

A typical solution to security threats includes automated monitoring of servers, workstations, mail system and network, optimisation and updating of security certificates and automated backup as well as installation and optimisation of antivirus software and firewalls.

We strive to optimise your company’s existing systems and provide solutions that are simple yet functional.

At Blueprint, we have many years of experience in providing security solutions for a range of industries. We look forward to providing you with a solution that is simple, secure and easy to maintain.


More and more companies integrate communication and IT solutions. This is due, in large part, to the advantages of switching to IP telephony.

A modern telephone system ensures that communication flows smoothly and efficiently, so customers do not call in vain and it is easy to get hold of the right person on the first call.

Modern phone systems are easy to use and can be expanded with voice mail, speed dial, call-back functions and unified messaging.

We have many years of experience in setting up, maintaining and servicing telephone systems. We provide custom solutions of all sizes.

Web design and programming

Blueprint provides web solutions of all sizes, from one-person company websites to corporate CMS solutions. We have many years of experience in web development for a variety of industries and applications.

We can develop websites from scratch, including a general overhaul of your company’s graphical identity, or we can give your existing solution a design makeover. Before setting to work, we like to meet with the customer and decide on approach and scope.

The result of the process is a website that meets today’s standards and expectations and which you can edit at any time using our accessible online editing module.

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